Sea Circus

A couple months ago, i went to Bali with my family for about 6-7 days and we visited this cute restaurant/cafe called "Sea Circus".
the decoration of the cafe itself is really cute and tumblr-ish. the outside of the cafe is full of graffiti paintings on the wall with circus-like characters such as lions, clowns and monkeys. we took a bunch of photos there too 😄


We ordered Mexican dips: guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream with homemade tortilla chips. 
We all loved the tomato salsa sauce, it has a lot of flavor in it and it gives a savory, salty, sour with a little bit of spicyness too. The tortilla with the dips makes a really good combination with a little pop of refreshing taste.

For drinks, we ordered "berrylicious" (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry) and "mummy's mojito" (raspberry, lime, mint and brown sugar)

The "mummy's mojito" drink gives a minty and zesty-citrus flavor in it
while the "berrylicious" drink makes this sweet berry and tropical fruity flavor.



cute wall decoration/photo wall with anchor garlands with wall arts which gives the beachy vibes


My pretty sister is rockin' with that blue dress with the choker
visit her blog here! She's a very talented fashion lady 😍

thanks for reading and
see you on my next post!



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