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Hello fellow readers! Happy new year 2017 πŸ’– have more ideas, success, love and never regret. Thank you 2016 for being such a prospereous and joyful year.

since i've just started my blog, i have to upload more and maintain this blogging routine, so today i thought why not reviewing 'some' of' my art supplies

From upper *left to right:
→ koi watercolor pocket field sketchbox
→ reeves spiral A5 sketch pad 
→ paint palette
→ phoenix artist's acrylic (white)
→ Derwent kneaded eraser
→ Random Sharpener
→ sakura koi aquabrush (comes with the sketchbox)
→ Carandache neocolor crayons
→ font small notes/journal
→ marine's acrylic paint (small tube)
→ big paintbrush
→ gelly roll in white (for details)
→ pencil
→ ZIG clean color real brush marker
→ copic markers (warm skin color)
→ Lyra paintbrushes
→ snowman drawing pen 
→ Cotton swab/Qtip for blending
→ Titi (national brand) poster color in black
→ china ink
→ teal mechanical pencil
→ random eraser

I'll be reviewing some of them from all of my supplies and i'll start with koi watercolor sketchbox

➤ Koi Watercolor Pocket Sketch box

what i like about this watercolor is that the colors is very bright, opaque and vivid. It has 24 various colors including:
- Chinese white
- Lemon yellow
- Aureoline hue
- Permanent yellow deep
- Permanent orange
- Jaune brilliant
- Vermilion hue
- Cadmium red hue
- Crimson lake
- Quinacridone rose
- Purple
- Cobalt blue hue
- Cerulean blue
- Ultramarine
- Prussian blue
- Yellow green
- Viridian hue
- Permanent green deep
- Olive green
- Yellow ochre
- Light red
- Burnt umber
- Payne's grey
- Ivory black

it comes with reusable waterbrush like pentel aquabrush type where you put water inside the brush then you dont have to dip your brush to water, instead just squeeze the pipe so that the water will come out. It may sound convinient, but in my opinion you can't adjust how much water you'll need and the brush dries too quickly  plus you can't change the size of the brush, but the brush has a pointy edge so i can easily draw small detail eventhough its not flexible enough.

it has sponge on the sides so you can easily wipe wet brush on the sponge and on the bottom of the sketch box, there's a ring attached so you can simply put your finger and it will not fall off.

➤ Reeves A5 spiral sketch pad

Overall i don't really like this sketchbook. When i first bought it (sealed condition) i was surprised of how bad the paper and the spiral bookbind, between the spiral thingy, most of all the paper is ripped and folded and the paper quality is not as good as the other branded sketch book. the reeves sketchbook has a rough yet greasy texture with 96 gsm/60lbs paper (148.5 x 210 mm (5.84" x 8.25"). This sketchbook is suitable for pen and pencil sketches but not for watercolors as it will make the paper wavy.

One of my paintings on reeves sketchpad. Wavy paper because i used watercolor πŸ˜‚

➤ Caran d'Ache neocolor crayon

Described as water-resistant wax pastels. I got the set of 15 with the colors : White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Scarlet, Purple, Violet, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Ochre, Vermilion, Ultramarine, Turquoise Blue, and Yellow Green.

These crayons are actually pretty expensive and different than most crayons because of its hardness and lightfastness resulted easy sharping for small details. The texture is clean and smooth and porcelain kinda like when you apply it to paper and the colors blend pretty well together plus it gives thick and opaque solid color too. 

➤ Derwent kneaded eraser

image credits:
Image result for derwent kneaded eraser

Last one that i'll be reviewing is Derwent kneaded eraser. Roundly, i really don't like this product. I tried few pencil strokes with light and bold stroke and then erasing lightly, and it gives sticky marks on the paper that won't disappear.

Other things that kneaded eraser supposed to do is lifting shades (example for shading) and so i tried using this eraser but then it won't lift any so i tried again with a little pressure and the shading sticks to the eraser but the paper becomes sticky and there's no changes on the pencil shading πŸ˜‚. When i hold it, my hands are sticky and gives clay texture marks lol.


Thanks for reading my review, hope you all finds it helpful 
See you on my next post! ❤



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